Having the most advanced Seasoning and treatment plants and German wood finishing machines in our Kollur Factory we can provide the following value added services.

Wood Seasoning refers to reducing the moisture content of wood prior to its use. It is the process of removing its moisture contents to an average equilibrium with the atmospheric conditions of the locality of use. Ideally, wood is dried to that equilibrium moisture content as will later (in service) be attained by the wood so that further dimensional change will be kept to a minimum.

We use the method of Kiln Drying. Seasoning Kiln is a masonry chamber equipped with steam pipes, fins, air circulators and an airtight door. Pre-seasoned wood is stacked inside this chamber and hot air is pumped at regulated levels. This induces an evaporation process, which draws water out of the wood. Within 10 to 15 days of kiln seasoning, the moisture content is successfully brought down to 12 % to 15 %.

Wood Seasoning Plant


Timber is prone to deterioration by the action of biological agents like fungi, insects and termites. To save timber from deterioration, chemical treatment is found to be the only solution. There are three methods of Chemical Treatment.

We use Pressure Impregnation Method. According to this method the timber is stacked inside a circular steel chamber and after closing the door of the chamber, vacuum is created to draw the air from the cylinder. After creating vacuum, chemicals are pumped into the cylinder and pressure is applied @ 150 PSI for a duration of 1 1/2 to 2 Hrs. The pressure forces the chemicals into the wood, which has empty pockets inside on account of the vacuum created earlier.

The chemicals used in our treatment process are Boric Acid, Copper Sulphate.

Value added services
Custom made Doors Frames & Windows

Based on your specifications we can provide you ready-to-fix solid teak doors and windows, this option would save time and carpentry work at your site

Thinning & Sanding

Exterior Wood

  • Wipe the wood with Special Thinner 216 to remove the oils from the surface. After evaporation of Special Thinner 216, sand all exterior surfaces with 120-grit sandpaper.
  • Remove all sanding dust by vacuuming followed by wiping the surface with a dampened cloth with Interlux® Brushing Liquid 333. Let the surface dry completely.
  • Wipe the surface once more and let dry completely.

Interior Wood

  • Spray the surface with clean water to wet the wood.
  • Clean the surface with a solution of Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) dissolved in warm water. Apply the solution and scrub the wood with a sponge/synthetic abrasive pad.
  • Rinse the surface with a damp sponge until completely free of the cleaning solution.
  • Let the wood surface dry out completely before coating (i.e. the moisture content must be below 18%).
  • Lightly sand the wood with 180-220 grit sandpaper along the length of the grain.
  • Use a brush or vacuum to remove all sanding dust.

Cetol Marine Natural Teak Protective Coating

Cetol Marine Natural Teak will truly bring out the natural beauty and grain of wood and offer the rich traditional look that every teak wood application.

The “Next Wave” technology in Cetol Marine Natural Teak has an enhanced unique UV-absorbing package that acts like a sunscreen to protect wood by deflecting the damaging effects of the sun’s UV-rays. Cetol Marine Natural Teak is a durable, translucent, satin protective wood finish witha high quality unique UV-absorbing package and new improved color that will provide superior performance and enhance the natural beauty of wood and can be used for interior or exterior wood.

How is Cetol ® Marine Different?

Cetol Marine contains synthetic transparent iron oxide pigments, which shield the wood against sunlight. This effectively protects the wood’s lignin, a key component in its strength, which is degraded by exposure to UV. It is these pigments that give Cetol Marine its attractive appearance.

Cetol Marine durable surface film protects the wood from the elements and marine environment. It has excellent weathering properties and, importantly, is flexible. This characteristic means that its protective shell is very resistant to impact damage and abrasion, and allows for natural expansion and contraction of wood.

Cetol Marine penetrates the surface of the wood on application, providing long-term water repellence and protecting the wood from water damage.

Cetol Marine is formulated to a lower viscosity than most varnishes. This allows excellent wood penetration, easy and rapid application of coats and superb flow and leveling preventing the need for sanding between coats.

This combined with its quick drying, makes it a really easy-to use. Cetol Marine is formulated for use on all marine woods, and is particularly suitable for tropical hardwoods like teak.